Are Copywriters more Like Marketing Consultants?

Today, more than ever a GOOD copywriter is more of a marketing consultant than a copywriter.

You simply can’t write great copy without doing your research. This is a step that most new copywriters skip.

Not senior copywriters, they wouldn’t be a senior copywriter if they tried. People who try to write their own copy at the start just do not give enough value to research.

If you are truly going to write your own copy, you’ve got to learn to talk the talk of the market, of the people that you want to attract to your ‘stuff’.

You MUST learn to get into their brains. So what’s the first thing you do when you have to write copy?

It’s simple I take a step back and I put myself into the target markets mind, you know the people I will be selling your stuff to.

I’ll give the 100 foot view and that is creating your avatar, no not the movie characters, but what your ideal end customer looks like, acts like, works, plays, income, etc.!

If we work together, you can rest assured that we are going to talk about the different styles of copywriting and how I would determine which style of copy I’m going to use for that particular market, that product, and that sales funnel. This is really important.

This is one of the if not THE most important parts of the foundation of a successful webinar or sales funnel right? Think of a house, your house, what if the foundation wasn’t built well and has cracks, is the rest of the home sitting on a shaky foundation just waiting to collapse, how comfortable are you in that home?

Well, this simple analogy is the foundation of copywriting. So if you want to try to write your own copy you have to do the steps IN ORDER or you have a weak foundation to build on.

Don’t waste your valuable time writing copy, let me write your copy for your webinar or funnel, you focus on managing your growth while I write high converting copy for you, split test it, tweak it and keep you as a client!

Now THAT is a winning combination.