Different Newsletter Types: An Overview

This e-newsletter opportunity is so vast for your business because there are many different kinds of e-newsletters … and some are even from the same company!


For instance:

  • One company might publish an e-newsletter to build relationships with prospects, delighting the reader and establishing trust. This can lead to purchases, so prospects become your customers.
  • That same company may have another different e-newsletter focused on retaining buying customers. It’s designed to help customers use their product(s) or service(s), make them feel like you are taking care of them, they now feel informed. Or you offer them special news updates or discounts, and so forth. In short, keep them happy through retention!
  • Many times, one company may have different newsletters for subsets of their customers. Example, a health company may publish different newsletters focusing on nutrition, joint health, heart health, diabetes, senior health, and other common concerns.
  • A non-profit organization may have a “donor” newsletter as well as a newsletter for members who receive services from the organization; two very different audiences.
  • A local Chamber of Commerce may publish a “fun events for residents” newsletter as well as a “local business connections” newsletter.
  • A startup newsletter may offer the best “curated” content on a certain subject or theme — featuring insights from the editor’s point of view on top stories of the week, for instance.
  • And … many, many companies publish employee newsletters to keep the workforce information, motivated, and feeling like they’re part of a work community/family.

Harvard Business Review offers 20 different newsletters …Check it out.


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