How to Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment From Costing Your Business a Bundle in Lost Sales!How Many Hours You Need to Work to Get to Millionaire Status

One of my most favorite quotes goes like this:

How you do one thing is how you do everything..

So..Know this If you want to increase your income and make your 7-figures revenue, you MUST start by working less.

Yes you read that correct!

This flies in the face of conventional wisdom and our “hustle and move” business culture.

But it’s sooo very true isn’t it. Ask anyone who has ‘made it’, they likely will tell you hustle, grind, hustle more, work 80 -120 hours per week. Just look at Elon Musk’s work ethos! NUTS.

I’ve done copy for a LOT of entrepreneurs on their way to their first 7-figures and, by the time they got there all of them were working far less (read: 10-20 fewer hours) each week. Does copy work you ask?

Think about it most entrepreneurs are stuck working in their business.

They spend 60-80 hours a week doing ‘things’ for the business, posting on social media, replying to emails, and handling a mountain of perceived busywork that does nothing to drive them toward their bigger, more lofty goal.

Instead of focusing their efforts on the difficult tasks that drive MASSIVE results, they waste their time on the lowly $12/hour errands and unimportant work to keep the ship running.

As a result, they have nothing left for themselves or the high-level strategizing required to make big moves in their business.

But it doesn’t have to stay this way…how so?

I’ve helped a lot of entrepreneurs increase their income while working less.

And today, I’d very much like to help you do the same.

If you want to become a millionaire and build your first 7-figure business, it all starts with copy that sells for you.

You need to have proven, reliable, split tested professional copy from someone who gets where you are and where you want to go.

We are focused on the BIG picture, creating ads is easy, writing copy is easy, testing markets is easy, knowing those demographics is easy, now add it all into one and it gets super difficult to strategize and know what to create….Enter 49North.

Delegating like a pro.

To help you master ad ownership, work less on your ad creatives so you can work ON your business, and make more money.

Ad copy is things like:

  • High converting Facebook ad copy
  • Brand Awareness Standout copy
  • Consideration Traffic (driving traffic to your website or landing page) copy
  • Consideration – Engagement (Cred through likes, comments and shares) copy
  • Consideration – App installs (get instant downloads with our enticing FB ad) copy
  • Consideration – Lead generation – warm your leads so they will want to buy from you
  • Conversions – Retarget your audience with a compelling offer – copy
  • Conversion – Get traffic to your online store
  • Check it out and reply to this post or better yet, book a FREE review of your FB ad copy HERE and then let me know your biggest takeaway and the action you’re going to take this week that puts you back in charge!

To Your Success,

Steve and the awesomeness of 49North Marketing