How To Build a 7-Figure Business and Not Sacrifice Your Personal Life

I want to share my own personal insight on how to build a successful business while not having to sacrifice your personal life.


We’re going to take a deep dive and discus:

  • Why a 7-figure business is easier than a 6-figure one

  • Why most owners end up burnt out

  • How can we grow a successful business with a small, lean team?

  • Are we doing our business and customers HUGE disservice by trying to do everything ourselves in our businesses?

  • How to get over the fear of hiring people

  • How to focus on our ‘zone of genius’ and learn delegate the rest?

This is something I think a lot of you need to hear, so I wanted to share it with you.

It’s possible to have the business of your dreams where you’re able to delegate, automate, and eliminate tasks that are better suited for systems, automations, or other team members.

You need to be spending time working on high-level and high-value tasks that will move your business forward.

Being overworked, time-wasted busy and hustling until you’re burnt out. These are not badges of honor or tasks you have to put in in order to wear the ‘entrepreneur badge of honor’, no my friends, this is the WRONG approach in 2022.


Doing it all will keep you stagnant, you MUST learn to grow and automate your business, it will become easier, your results will be nothing short of eye popping and the easier it will be to take back your personal life.

If you are looking to change up how to generate revenue online, even if you are just a newbie or have been doing this for years, like it or not web3 is approaching quickly and it’s one you and your business need to be ready for.

What is web3? There are enough articles online about it, in fact this is a great article representing the ‘what’ by freecodecamp, you can read about it HERE, it outlines the evolution of the internet and how different the future looks!

So much to talk about but the point of all of this is simply this..with the world in the state it’s been for sometime, the more adaptable you are, the easier it will be to start a life of freelancing should…and it’s not a big should, it’s more like a likely should, the world change yet again.