How to Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment From Costing Your Business a Bundle in Lost Sales!

Cart abandonment happens when someone adds a product or service to the shopping cart and then leaves your site before completing the sale.

And it’s incredibly frustrating because you’ve spent so much time, money and resources getting people to your website or online store…

The last thing you want is for people to leave before they finish buying your product right, I mean they are that close, your copy is awesome, your photos are on point, you’ve tested everything yet they still leave!

The problem is, according an article by the independent web UX research team at the Baymard Institute… the typical shopping cart abandonment rate for online retailers is a whopping 60% to 80%, with an average of 67.91%, THAT is nuts!

What that means is you (or your clients) could be missing out on an astonishing number of sales. Not good at all.

But get this: If you send those shoppers an automated Abandoned Cart Email… (or ACE for short), You can (and MUST), recapture many of those lost sales. In fact, a recent study by SaleCycle (a company that specializes in cart abandonment) found nearly half of all abandoned cart emails get opened – and over a third of the clicks lead to a sale. That’s got to be great news for you right?

WRONG! Here’s why – Customers often abandon their carts without meaning to. For example, your website may have crashed, your checkout process is too complicated, the customer got interrupted by a phone call or a delivery at the door. Point is this – hen you use an effective abandoned cart email sequence you remind the shopper to come back and complete the shopping they started.

The upside is that you win back a high percentage of these lost sales all from one simple automated email.

How great is that? We write it once and it works forever.

But it gets better: According to email automation company Omnisend, you get 63% MORE sales if you send a sequence of 3 properly crafted abandoned cart emails instead of just 1, you will have a happy bank account.

Of course, someone has to write all those emails, that someone is me and while it sounds easy, it (abandonment emails), require thought, digging into what stopped the prospect in the first place, timing as they say is everything.

If you’re at all like me and had to create these emails from scratch you could easily spend a few hours staring at a blank screen, but I’ve got a great system I use for immediate results. You should be focusing on your business and not stressing about your copy. The good news is we are able to get your abandoned cart email sequence done in far less time than you could imagine, at a cost that will blow you away (as in really good), you can implement these in less than 72-hours and recover that lost revenue leaving you with a large latte’ smile!

It’s up to you but I know if it were me I rely on the prowess of others to know their areas of specialty, ours is converting copy, cart abandonment copy!

Let me know if you want to start converting your lost sales into won sales, shoot me an email and lets chat HERE