Introduction To Webinar Action Pages

We have the foundation process of writing basic webinar copy out of the way, we’re going to start with what we call action pages.

Now, this is a term we used to call opt-in pages, but the process has rapidly changed now.

Now there are many other kinds of pages that can be considered action pages as well, similar to opt-in pages. So we call them action pages. Under this umbrella, you have opt-in pages, webinar registration pages, and this new thing that we can call segue pages.

We are going to talk about all three of those and how we write copy. How we look at it. How we think about it.

Now, “action pages” my friends are now THE most important page when you are doing a lot of media buying. If you’re driving traffic from your own email list or from affiliates, sometimes action pages are not as important. They’re not as important as our pages when you’re driving traffic from media. Know this, the internet world and everything with online entrepreneurship, is moving towards more and more ad buying. You absolutely want to control your own traffic, your own destiny, your own future. Don’t be reliant on JUST affiliate traffic. As a general rule action pages are becoming more and more important for every company that’s on the internet. So we’re going to go from action pages to then written sales letters (WSL’s), to video sales letters (VSL’s). So we build upon the most formulaic, and then we move from there.

So it’s time for us to dive deep into how do you get someone to take that first initial action? Another reason that action pages are so important is because they start the yes funnel.

More on this in future posts..Stay tuned!