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It’s GROWING — Companies wanting help are searching online and it’s only increasing by 51% a year…

You likely have a sales department yes.

Their job is to get on the phone or travel to talk directly to leads the marketing department generates, you do have a marketing department that works directly with sales to ensure same message to market right?

Think of it like an ad-hoc baseball game where you’ve have a pitcher and a batter. Your marketing department throws the ball…… it’s now the sales team’s job to knock it out of the park, so-to speak and close the sale…well at least in theory.

Now, in the world of B-2-B (business to business), many products and services are often very expensive (think hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars), so closing a sale can take a significant amount of time than in the B2C (business to consumer), world where you easily find what you want, fill in your credit card details, and your stuff gets shipped to you.

“Due to the ever increasingly high product prices and often times a complex B2B buying cycle, sales departments need a LARGE amount of written content to help them keep their prospect in the sales funnel and avoid a lost sale.”

A B2B salesperson always needs a well crafted arsenal of tools like: probing and prospecting emails, finely tuned scripts, power point presentations that crush the competition, success stories, and more. All these materials should easily be deployed in the field while they’re talking to their prospects face to face, zoom to zoom, well you get the picture. Previously marketing departments would create these materials for the sales department to use, the only problem is that the marketing department is good at one thing — marketing… They usually don’t do any face to face selling, so they don’t have little if any experience that can guide them when crafting winning sales content for the sales team.

Oftentimes content that they put out for the sales team to use in the field is ineffective — particularly when a salesperson finds themselves in different situations the marketing department couldn’t or didn’t foresee…

As a result, salespeople are telling their sales managers: “We need better tools! We need better scripts, follow-up emails, drip marketing sequences, funnels and far more valuable content we can use with our prospects!” If you are a VP of Sales, Director at the huge B2B companies and you are NOT saying, “YES, we will”, you are being left behind. Pro-active companies want to give their sales team better tools, the whole idea of #salesenablement programs is to create written materials that boost the sales team to easily SELL MORE!

The the better tools, the more they’ll sell. The demand for #salesenablementwriters is growing exponentially. It’s been over the last three years or so that we’re seeing the beginning of a massive shift towards sales departments actively working with #copywriters like myself to produce that content you need in 2022 and beyond.

Think of it this way, poaching top sales people was a thing, still is IF your budget is HUGE and you can, but what if you can take your middle-top performers, give them the arsenal known as #SalesEnablement and help their sales revenue increase even 10%, what would that look like to your bottom line, no hiring, no long-term product training as they already have that, no need to ingrain them in company culture and processes, they already have that, and on. We know how to craft these “formulaic” pieces you need to complete the puzzle so the sky’s the limit.

When it comes to the ‘traditional’ B2B sales process (it works even with online sales funnels), there are three steps every prospect goes through:

  1. Discovery
  2. Assessment
  3. Consideration

Lets go back to the baseball analogy, think of it like a baseball diamond: First – the #discovery meeting.

That’s where your prospect is discovering or seeing the product or service being offered by your company, with properly crafted tools they are discovering how it might solve their current problems.

Second – The #assessment. Now the prospect is starting to show interest, is now reviewing the information on how your product or service can be a benefit to them and their company, they are internally evaluating if the solution is a right fit.

Third – The #consideration. The prospect is now very interested and is showing the “want”, or words like: “How much will we have to invest in this?” It’s at this stage the salesperson would traditionally provide a proposal for the prospect to review. Lastly and typically, is home base or the CLOSING of a SALE.

What if the B2B buying journey takes weeks, sometimes months before the prospect is ready to make the purchase? What do you do? Your next series of words WILL play a pivotal role…

For example, let’s say a client is at the discovery stage. During this stage, your salesperson sends a lot of emails, book initial meetings, following up at each point in the well planed and crafted process. This is one of our many specialties in the #salesenablement process we provide to your company.

Lets face it, your teams already know how to create a good email, I mean REALLY good email right? The process is the same here, what is different are the subtle differences that make it an effective and converting email for this first stage of the B2B buyer’s journey. Lets take a look at a “typical” example of an email a salesperson might send to a prospect: ————————— Hi Mark, I understand you’re super busy so I promise you this will only take a few minutes of your time and could help reduce your operating costs… With insurance fees for cross dock and warehouse operations on as steep rise, many of the leaders in cross dock and warehouse distribution are under tremendous pressure to reduce expenses. Our new line of hybrid electric lift trucks, with SMT technology, are so safe that distribution warehousing can often negotiate for lower insurance premiums. To see a private online demo:

  • Click this link to schedule a 15-min demo
  • Or feel free to reply to my email with a date and time that will work for your schedule.

Lower insurance premiums for your cross dock and warehouse facilities are waiting for you, don’t take too long. Chat soon, Cameron ————————— Now at first glance, it’s not really a bad email, It’s very polite and it has a benefit for the prospect s ell as a CTA (call-to-action.) BUT… It sounds just like the hundreds of other emails this prospect receive from all other sales teams, nothing there to really STAND APART is there.

This is the type of email that gets ignored or deleted. My job as a #salesenablement copywriter, is to make sure that doesn’t happen. So lets just make a few ‘adjustments’ here and there… and we end up with something like this: Hi Mark I just read about your promotion to the Director, Logistics. Congratulations! If you’re like many strong leaders in the cross-dock and warehouse distribution, you are under reeling pressure to reduce your insurance expenses. So ho can a hybrid electric forklift help? Simply, our new line of eLifts (featuring a groundbreaking SMT technology) is slashing insurance premiums for our customers by a staggering 14%-19%, that’s on the low side. Curious to find out if you can see similar or better savings? If you are, here’s a suggestion: Let’s hop on a 15m Zoom call, you ask any question and get the answers you need to hear to move to the next step. I am looking at my calendar, I have Tuesday at 11:15 a.m. and Thursday at 9:45 a.m. free. Or, tag my Calendar link to book if that is easier for you. Thank you, Cameron —————————– See how the second email is more effective? It’s far more personal. It shows a clear understanding of the prospect’s challenges… and provides a simple call-to-action solution. NOW…lets talk about..

BATTLECARDS! Awesome, now the salesperson passed the prospects discovery base, they try to secure as assessment. As the name implies, it’s where the prospect is now evaluating the product or service the salesperson is selling.

What a battlecard is, is a single sheet that contains ALL the key elements a salesperson might need when on the phone or face-to-face with a prospect. They need to know quickly, specifically, exactly why the product or service they are talking to the prospect about is the best. Why there isn’t competition and why their solution saves the prospect time, money and more.

That’s why on the day of the meeting, the salesperson will grab battlecard created by a skilled #copywriter! It contains ALL of that great information on one single sheet, it’s easy to read, in a specific order, easy to understand and most of all, something that can be left with the prospect, dual purpose.

One to help close the sale, the salesperson is at the last base or consideration. This is where the prospect wants to know “how much” it will cost and what they get. This is part of the ‘pitch-deck’, it’s muscle the sales team have at their disposal, a well crafted PowerPoint with impressive slides going over the main parts of the offer.

A pitch deck PowerPoint can be upwards of 70 slides at the most, in many cases it could also be 5-7 slides. Your salesperson doesn’t need all those slides. Instead, what they do is customize their final slide deck for that prospect. They can quickly choose the slides that bet fit the situation they are in.

But I’ll create it in a way that helps move the sale forward. each step, each section of the proposal flows and is both subtle and visually powerful. A unique sales pitch that ensures the prospect instantly understands why spending the money on this product or service is valuable to their company.

So what do we do fully for your company, what benefit do we bring aside from what has already been described above?

  • Competitive battlecards
  • Sales guides
  • Call scripts (this one is powerful)
  • One sheets
  • Sales decks and scripts
  • Templates for prospecting emails and follow-up emails
  • Customer success stories
  • Blog posts and articles

These are areas I know and understand better than many copywriters you may have already used, areas such as:

  • The world of sales enablement…
  • I’ve been selling for 24 years, capital equipment, multi-million dollar ventures, etc.
  • Know the projects and how to write them…
  • And a great degree more.

If you made it this far, you clearly want to talk to me, lets start the process and click HERE to book a 30 min zoom call with me to discuss your project, you have NOTHING to loose. #copywriter #salesenablement #salescopy

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