Real Estate Investing Copywriter

Copywriting FOR Real Estate Investors, By an Investor

WHO IS THE REAL ESTATE INVESTING COPYWRITER AND WHY DO Many Highly Regarded Investors In Canada and the USA contact me for help to create their marketing pieces?

My name is Steven Bell, I’m one of THE best Real Estate Investing Copywriters.

I’m invested in Real-estate myself. Check to see if your current copywriter is an investor, If not you should come talk to me.

I am not a part time copywriter. It’s not a “side-gig”, it’s a full-time, dedicated to the art of copy

I do this for the same reason that many of of my clients do…to help people discover the same opportunities that we enjoy.

Keep reading to learn more about me… or you can skip all this stuff and set up a time to connect here to see if we may be a fit.

So why would you want to work with me? Can I help you get more sellers and buyers? Lets see…

#1. I don’t moonlight as a copywriter. I’m a copywriter…it’s what I do. It’s ALL I do!

I’m also a real estate investor…I’ve been actively involved in residential real-estate

I’ve done new home builds

I’ve flipped houses

I’ve invested in higher end vacation real-estate deals

and the list goes on…

Currently we are only accepting clients from the Canada and the US:

I work with:

  • Wholesalers
  • Flippers
  • Buy-and-hold investors
  • Note investors…