The Art of Saving Lost Sales

First things first, just what the heck is this “art of saving sales” thing…


Imagine this, you have a great online store, yet you keep seeing these lost sales or cart abandonment stats that is eating your potential profits up (not to mention your marketing budget…)

In truth, it’s rare to sell to cold leads that just happen along to your site if you didn’t prime them first (more on that one later).

You rarely make a sale when they first interact with your content or your page.

Heck, you won’t even make a sale when they add something to the cart, most shoppers that do that to see if there are any discounts or so they don’t forget the items, or you don’t have a ‘save for later’ feature (why the heck don’t you?).

Typically, when a prospect has looked at a product, added it to the shopping cart, and then mysteriously left the order page, well you can’t do much about it.

Now you most definitely can, our system will retarget them with your well-crafted sales emails.

So, what exactly is retargeting you might ask? Well retargeting is the art of putting those ads of the items they were looking at and that starts with nurturing leads and bringing them down the buyer’s journey.


About 25% of online viewers enjoy seeing retargeted ads, as long as they don’t come across as salesy or pushy.

Try to make it feel personalized, you know like you are talking to a friend. While 25% seems low, 60% have a neutral feeling towards seeing those retargeted ads and the rest…well they don’t much like it at all.

Seems that Google has done a good job and people are already used to retargeting, those ads that seem to ‘follow you’ around the interweb.

Well known brands are already using the power of retargeting, here is why.

Site visitors who are retargeted, are also 40% more likely to convert into buyers!

The click through rate (CTR) is also 10 times higher than a regular ad so your return on ad spend or ROAS is far greater than the initial ad spend…

Here are some tips on how to retarget and farm your leads.

BE Smart When Scheduling Your Campaigns.

When we retarget ads, we NEVER want to over target anyone with ads, this creates ad fatigue. In a nutshell, ad fatigue is when a prospect has seen your ad too many times in a short time span.

A simple and quick fix is to make variations, change the background color or tweak the wording, like split testing but with a…twist.

Be smart about the timing, scheduling, and repetition. Each audience interacts on (in this case we’ll use Facebook), at different times. Pick the ideal times for your traffic. There is no magic time that fits all audiences, this needs to be tested to find the ideal marketing window.

Use a Sense of Urgency to Retarget Those Warm Leads

If those elusive shoppers have taken the time to look at your offers, then why not remind them of what they were looking at?

Let them know things like:

The items may be limited. Today it’s so easy to get distracted and pulled into something else.

For example, let’s say your audience was looking to go to Belize for a vacation.

You could retarget with an ad like:

“Looking for a romantic getaway hotel in Belize? Time is ticking on this amazing ocean-front hotel with crystal blue water view.

5 people have just booked within the last 24 hours. Right now, 4 people looking at the last deluxe room.”

Create that sense of urgency for the prospect to close more sales, all using wordsmith knowledge.

There is SOO much to this and I recommend you connect with me here or on my site HERE, book a 30-minute call and let’s talk about your next project, you have everything to gain and nothing to loose!