Why Direct Marketing is Dead (Dying)


Do you remember any or all of the following methods?

  • Late night TV infomercials – $100K per ad
  • Direct Mail – very expensive – $30K+ for good results
  • Postcards – $7K+ most ended up in junk/garbage when sorted
  • Cold Calling (so dead) – $12K to hire good firm or sales
  • Billboards (still see them but who actually sees them?) – 15K
  • Magazine Ads/news print classified ads – $7500K

Big businesses had the capital to dabble in each, small businesses or

home businesses simply couldn’t afford it.

NOW…the playing field has been leveled BUT…the biggest

drawback is now capturing the audience in UNDER 8-seconds!

Yes you read that right, Microsoft did a study a few years ago

and seems that you now only have 8-seconds to grab their attention, THEN and only THEN will the person continue

to read your copy.

Blow that lead-in and you have lost them!


WOW how the times have changed hasn’t it.

Infomercial is now -> Video sales

Direct mail is now -> Written copy

Postcard is now -> Email marketing

Cold calling is now -> Email -> Video sales (primarily)

Billboards are now -> Google/Bing Ads

Magazine Ads/Newsprint is now -> FB, Kijiji, Craigslist, etc.

Interactive mediums:

– FB/MeWe/LinkedIN

– Google/Yahoo/Bing/

– Youtube/Bitchute/LBRY/Odysee

– Email

– Push notifiction – APPS