Why You Don't Need Great Copy to Sell Your Stuff

Introduction – Yes You Read That Right…

You’ve heard that copywriting is the most important part of your marketing.

That’s wrong!

You need good copy to win, but you don’t need it to survive. And if you ask some of the world’s best copywriters, they’ll tell you that good writing isn’t even necessary for success (I’ll explain why later).

The fact is that most customers don’t even notice your words unless there’s something about them that stands out as unusual or unique—and even then, it has to stand out in a positive way. So if your copy isn’t going to stand out negatively (by being awkward or off-putting), then there’s no real reason for it not to be mediocre at best. As long as your words don’t actively repel people from buying what they want—which means they’re grammatically correct and understandable—then they’re probably good enough for business purposes!

Good Copy is Overrated.

If you’re like me and most people I know, you are obsessed with copy. You read books about it; you read blogs about it; and you read everything laid down on Copyblogger.

But here’s the thing: good copy is overrated. It’s not the only thing that matters. It’s not the only way to win. And frankly, good copy is probably not even the best way to build a business or make money in this industry—at least not long term.

I know what you’re thinking.

But I also know what you’re thinking: “I want to be a really good copywriter.”

And that’s great! Because learning how to write good copy is more than just knowing the right words to use (though those are important). It’s also about understanding why they work and when they should be used. If you can do that, then we’re on our way to writing a winning piece of copy together.

Most of the world’s best copywriters would disagree with me.

Most of the world’s best copywriters would disagree with me.

That’s because good copywriting is a tricky thing to pin down and define, but for our purposes here, we can say that it’s just different from bad copy. Bad copy is cliché, boring and unoriginal. But good copy doesn’t have to be any of those things (and often isn’t). Good marketing doesn’t have to be either—it can also be original and creative in its approach. What sets good writing apart from bad writing? Well, as I said before: if you’re writing something that won’t be read by anyone else other than yourself and your mom then go ahead and write whatever you want!

But…They’re Wrong.

They’re wrong?

Good copy is overrated, they say. It’s not necessary to win, they say. Good copy can be a waste of time and money and effort, they say. If you want to get started with your business right away, if you don’t have the resources or expertise to hire an expert copywriter—or if you’re just too busy running around doing all those other things that keep your business alive—the best thing for both parties is to ignore this discussion altogether and move on with our lives!

You Don’t Need Good Copy to Win.

If you’re a newcomer, or if you’re just starting out in the world of copywriting, it’s important to understand why good copy isn’t always necessary for winning.

For starters: you need to have a deep understanding of your customers and their problems. This can be difficult for some people who are still new at the game, but it’s an essential step in order for your marketing efforts to succeed. Without this knowledge, your product will never engage with people on an emotional level because they won’t know how it can solve their problems. That’s where good copy comes into play—it helps bridge that gap between knowing (or thinking) that something exists and feeling as though it actually does exist with regards to solving their pain points/needs/etcetera. But let me be clear: just having good copy isn’t enough either! You also need to understand what makes someone buy something over another option (the competition) and the sales process itself before making any decisions about how much money you want them spending on said product(s).

Your Prospects or Customers Really Don’t Care About Your Words. They Care About Their Immediate Problems and How They Feel.

You can’t write good copy if you don’t know your audience.

You can’t write good copy if you don’t know your product.

You can’t write good copy unless you’re willing to dig deep into the pain points and desires of the people who will use it, as well as all of the other factors that affect their buying decisions—their fears and doubts, their hopes and dreams, even how they feel when they see or hear something that makes them think about buying from you.


I know what you’re thinking. “How can this be true?” But it is, and it’s time to stop pretending otherwise. I’m not saying that great copy doesn’t matter; of course it does. But most good copywriters spend so much time worrying about whether they’ve got the right words that they forget about everything else. And in marketing—just like in life—the most important thing isn’t always what you say but how you make people feel when they hear your message.

Your words DO matter, that much is true and we know. However did you start your business to be a copywriter and master that craft..or did you start your business to be the best at what you do? Think about that. Our words we craft for you come from the same effort you put into your business success, we do the same, let me craft winning copy on your behalf, connect with me by clicking HERE for a free 30 minute zoom meet, I promise you one thing only, you will leave that zoom call wondering why you didn’t do that sooner!