About Steve Bell

My Unfair Advantage?

In an ever-expanding sea of generalist copywriters, I focus on B2B companies in manufacturing, finance, outdoor sports and adventure and I have the background to back it up.

My story (why me)

My first client was my neighbor! A few years ago, I wrote a sales letter for his library furniture (yes that is a thing), business that was mailed to architects and designers across Canada. In less than 3 weeks, he had seven new clients. Now that may seem like it's not a large return on some written words, think about this, there are only 67 library architects in the entire Country of Canada!
Copy Writing
Website Review
Case Studies
Sample copy

The Coles notes version for the busy professional:

  • I got my copy start an early age — I wrote my first ‘successful’ copy at age 14 for my junior high band class.
  • My background has positioned me perfectly — I have sold millions of dollars in capital equipment, created unique finance structures for a multitude of markets, and structured regional dealers for the manufacturing sector. Lastly I was part of a large outdoor sports retailer so I have the background to support that statement.
  • I grew up 45-minutes from the great Canadian Rocky Mountains and am an avid hiker, mountain biker and hammock camping.
  • I know your market, customers, and competitors – I have spent thousands of hours reading, thinking, and talking about creative copy for B2B companies like yours.
  • I’ve written website copy, landing pages, email campaigns, sales copy, case studies and a lot more.
  • You can find me just outside of Vancouver, B.C, Canada thankfully not in an igloo…of course.